Membership in COSMA is now open to all state museum associations (SMAs). Your membership provides one full year of COSMA benefits. Hit the "JOIN" button in the menu on the left!

You may pay by credit card on this site or mail a check to: COSMA, P.O. Box 101802, Fort Worth, TX  76185. Thank you for your support!

Why join COSMA?

COSMA benefits state museum associations (SMAs) by:

  • Building the capacity of SMAs to better serve museums and museum professionals
  • Centralizing communication and collaboration between SMAs and regional/national stakeholders
  • Strengthening advocacy efforts for the museum field, at both national and state level

What are the COSMA membership benefits?
COSMA offers unprecedented benefits for state museum associations (SMAs), including:

  • Participation in a strong, national network of SMAs that:
  • Makes use of a specialized “Tool Kit” on the COSMA website to share knowledge and resources for skill and capacity building
  • Encourages connections through email communications, social media, online engagement, and face-to-face meetings of SMAs
  • Offers webinars and facilitated training opportunities designed for SMAs
  • Maintains a master calendar and updated roster of all SMAs
  • Access to administrative and program templates such as:
  • Sample newsletter content, marketing and design expertise, and talking points
  • Suggestions for programs, speakers, and publications
  • Guidelines for effective advocacy on both the state level and national level
  • Outlines for efficient operations in areas such as finance and database management
  • Anticipating future challenges! COSMA is making plans for future services, too. Support your COSMA to help the organization grow into its potential for strengthening state museum associations.

COSMA Membership

Membership provides one full calendar year of COSMA benefits from the month in which you join. COSMA’s membership is limited to SMAs and fees are based on annual operating budget. (Any SMA that wishes to join but cannot pay the posted membership fee is encouraged to pay as you can.)

Annual Budget Annual Membership Fee
$0–1,999                               $50
$2,000–4,999                        $75
$5,000–9,999                        $100
$10,000–19,999                    $200
$20,000–49,999                    $300
$50,000–74,999                    $500
$75,000–99,999                    $750
$100,000–199,999                $1,000
$200,000–299,999                $1,500
$300,000+                              $2,000

QUESTIONS? Contact COSMA at 682-219-9599 or [email protected]