COSMA Webinar on Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Innovation and Collaboration: A New Organizational Model for KMA
11:00 AKDT/12:00 PDT/1:00 MDT/2:00 CDT/3:00 EDT.

Innovation and Collaboration: The Secret to Organizational Sustainability and Growth

Innovation and organizational change often requires rethinking priorities and engaging new partners. This discussion will highlight strategy development and lessons learned in creating a new organizational model for the Kansas Museums Association (KMA). KMA has partnered with the Public Policy and Management Center at Wichita State University to foster increased connections with local governments to better serve museums, ensure sustainability and expand educational programs.

In response to declining state funding and support for the state’s historical society and the cultural arts community, museums have had to rely on peer-to-peer assistance, expanding the need for leadership and services provided by the Kansas Museums Association (KMA). This challenging environment has produced changes in KMA’s organizational strategic focus and increased the need for leadership agility.

As a small association, with a 25% paid employee position and an all-volunteer board, KMA struggled to fulfill the growing need for leadership and professional development for museums across the state. Beginning with the IMLS national convening for state museums associations in 2014, the KMA board embarked on a strategic planning effort to strengthen partnerships and ensure the sustainability of the Association.

One of several solutions in the evolution of KMA is a unique partnership with Wichita State University’s Public Policy and Management Center. This partnership has fostered new connections with local governments and non-profits, strengthened KMA’s long-term sustainability and expanded its ability to provide quality educational programs. Join this discussion about how museums, and the associations serving them, be successful in engaging new, non-traditional partners.

At the conclusion of this session participants will:

  • Understand the role of leadership in managing organizational change. Discussion will focus on the role of using a strategic planning process to identify priorities and initiate discussion of strategies for implementing change.
  • Identify ways an organization can become more resilient and innovative in response to the changing political and social landscape.
  • Discuss the process of establishing new, unique partnerships, including the importance of clarifying contracts or agreements and articulating the scope of services.
  • Share lessons-learned about managing collaboration.

Speakers for this webinar are KMA Board Members Shannon Hsu and Robert Workman.